New Premiere Update Brings a Full Emoji Support βœ…
Like we already know, the new Premiere Pro update (24.2.1) is serving us with color fonts, emoji support, enhanced audio feature, direct publishing on TikTok, improved proxy creation and Sony Burano XOCN support!
What's really cool about the update is that we now have emojis directly in Premiere Pro, just like on the phone. πŸ“² You can get access to them by clicking Edit -> Emojis & Symbols πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Let's start making our content pop!
Add emotion to your message with emojis
Since some things are more difficult to express through text alone, emojis play an important part in online social communication. ☝🏼
Emojis allow us to add emotional nuance to messages, while also reducing the risk of misunderstanding. πŸ˜‡
With the new version of Premiere you're able to add emojis effortlessly within your workflow, and start increasing engagement on your social media.
Emojis can help you appear cooler, funnier and friendlier to others. 😎
Fix silent audio directly in Premiere Pro
Another important update in the new version of Premiere is the audio enhancement feature, which, among other things, Premiere Gal explains in her latest YouTube video (see below). 🎡✨
The feature is now inside the main build of Premiere Pro and using the same technology as Adobe Podcast.
Basically, you can take any clip with bad or too quiet audio and make it louder and higher quality by using the enhancing feature within Premiere.
Crazy, huh! πŸ”₯
Fonts, TikTok and Proxies
Colour Fonts
In addition to emojis and enhanced speech, the new update also provides us with colour fonts. 🎨
Premiere Gal explains them in her video like this: "Fonts that come built in with their own color expressions, shape and styles. With Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you can get some free colour fonts from Adobe Fonts."
In the picture you can see an example of a colour font form Adobe Fonts.
TikTok creators listen up!
From now, you can export your content direclty to TikTok in Premiere Pro, and the results are guaranteed to be the same as when published in TikTok. 🀝
Speed up your editing with proxies
With a streamlined frame size selection and proxy presets you can now make your editing and rendering more efficient.
What are we talking about? πŸ€”
Proxies in video editing are duplicates of your footage in smaller data size and lower resolution. They are used to replace raw footage files during post-production to enable faster editing. 🏎️
Update your Premiere to the latest version 24.2.1 and get a full support for emojis. They are now directly within Premiere Prom, popping up in an emoji window like on your phone. πŸ“± Adding emotion to your content with emojis will help you convey emotion and increase your engagement on social media. 🀯
Furthermore, you can use the new audio enhancement feature to fix silent or poor quality speech in your video. πŸ“£
And don't forget to take advantage of the new colour fonts, direct publishing on TikTok and proxy creation. πŸ’―