THE SUBS PLUGIN: Editing Captions Afterwards
The only goal of THE SUBS PLUGIN was not to automate caption creation, as tools already exist for this purpose. We wanted to make post-editing easy and less of a pain in the ass.
So that you don't have to start thinking about a career change, but can create more than before in less time. πŸ˜‰

Clients are always asking for this and that, and with other tools you would have to re-edit your video and upload it to their website to get the captions done again.
With THE SUBS PLUGIN, however, you can easily make your videos exactly how your clients want them, all within Premiere Pro.
Correct spelling mistakes in Text panel
After creating your captions, the easy way to check them is to click the Graphics tab to see your captions in an overview. Here you can quickly correct spelling errors or navigate through your timeline.
You can also search for specific words and replace them if needed. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Essential Graphics panel
Text Field: Freely change your text.
Text Formatting options: Apply custom fonts and stylize them (keep in mind it's only applied to your active caption snippet).
Color Fields: The first one defines your highlight color. The other two are there because many creators like to use multiple colors to not only highlight but also enhance the understanding of your storytelling by coloring positive statements green and negative statements red. With extra color fields it's easy to change the color of your highlight. πŸͺ„
Sliders: Keyword selection will never be 100% accurate, so with the sliders you can adjust the keyword to your liking by dragging the handle.
Your captions are now directly in your timeline
Since we don't work with the subtitle track but with caption snippets, all those effects in the Effects Panel are available and easy to apply to your captions. ✨πŸ’₯πŸ’¨
To take it to the next level -> you can also create your own transitions.
How do I do this?
Drag the transform effect to the caption snippet, play around with key frames and see what you're able to create!
Remember that you can also save effects (by right clicking the effect and choosing save preset) and apply them to all snippets at once. ☝🏼

And that's not all! These two features may also be of interest to you:
Multiple layers of captions
You can create multiple layers of captions in different colors and then randomly combine them by dragging them up to create a random color effect.
Or if you want to make a difference between two speakers or introduce a new chapter, you can create two layers of captions in different text styles and jump back and forth between them.
This is your place to get creative with all the extra time THE SUBS PLUGIN leaves you! 🌟
Placing text behind subject
To place your text behind the subject, copy your normal video layer to create a link comp where you mask out your subject, and drag the caption snippet in between those two layers.
To make it look good, adjust the size of the text and put it on its place. 😎
THE SUBS PLUGIN makes post-editing effortless and enables you to create more than before in less time. All within Premiere Pro. πŸ’―
In Text panel you can quickly navigate through your timeline. Essential graphcis panel, on the other hand, allows you to apply custom fonts, change highlight color/use multiple colors and adjust the keyword selection with sliders.
Captions are directly in your timeline and all the effects in the Effects panel are available and easy to apply. You can even create your own transitions and save them for later use.
In addition to the above, there are other cool things you can do with the plugin, such as creating multiple layers of captions and placing text behind the subject.

If you're missing a detail, you might wanna take a look at the user manual of THE SUBS PLUGIN, or contact us directly: