Time to Update to Version 1.4.1 of
We are very excited to share with you the updated version of THE SUBS PLUGIN!
To listen to our customers and meet their needs, we are constantly updating our products. This update 1.4.1 allows you to fully customize your captions. πŸ’―
Make your work stand out and make your clients happy!
What's new? - Custom fonts
In addition to the text presets we've created, the updated version also includes more than 120 fonts to choose from. And their styling is, as the name suggests, customisable!
You can change the font size and font weight. Remember! Not all fonts are available in all weights. For example, American Typewriter doesn't have a light weight.
You can choose whether you want to use upper and lower case letters or only upper case letters by toggeling the option. It is now also possible to change the colour of the text, not just the highlight colour.
You can change the colour and width of the text border.
Choose an opacity between 0-100, from no shade to strong shade.
Fully customize your captions
Now it's completely up to you!
With over 120 different fonts to choose from and the ability to change not only the highlight colour but also the text colour, the new update lets you get creative.
Create beautiful colour combinations by changing the colour of the text, highlight or border and add a shade if you like. The possibilities are endless!
You don't have to follow the same style of captions that everyone uses today, but you can stand out with your own unique, customised style. 🌟

We also added a feature that some of you asked for:
"don't highlight punctuation marks"
So if you want punctuation marks next to the keyword not to be highlighted, toggle this and it will remain the same colour as the rest of your text.
Make it perfect for your clients
Clients sometimes have very specific needs, and our updated plugin can help you meet them.
Not only can you easily make changes after receiving feedback, you can also create captions that fit their branding and the video 100%.
Customise your captions to your clients' liking and get them asking for more. 🀝
An updated version of THE SUBS PLUGIN is here. ⚑️
The update brings full customisation of captions and more than 120 fonts.
You can edit the text size and font weight, and choose whether to use upper and lower case letters together or only upper case. Choose any colour for the text, as well as for the highlighted words and text borders. Add a shadow if you wish.
Get creative with unique colour combinations and style options and make it perfect for your clients!