How to Master Short-Form Video Editing!
How to research viral video ideas, how to script, write and plan your videos for the best engagement, and what is the secret behind viral videos?
Joseph is covering all of this in his YouTube video and here you can find the answers right at your finger tips! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Viral video ideas
1. Take a look at what's trending and hop on a trend
2. Use AI to generate ideas
- Make a specific prompt for whatever niche you are in
3. Think of a few things that sound too good to be true πŸ”₯
- Gives you the right mindset
How do we turn those ideas into reality?
In the beginning of the video, you have a 5-second window to hook your audience. A hook is a statement or an idea that grabs attention quickly. You can extract a very attractive claim from your viral video idea, for example a big desire, some social proof or a lot of controversy, and use that as a hook.

Tips for filming:
Record it like any other video
Keep your sentences short and concise
Make sure you're moving at a fast pace
Get straight to the point
Give the viewer information quickly
Make sure your body fits well in the camera and leave extra space around for zooming in and out
Provide as much energy as possible
And last but not least,
"Hype yourself up!" - Joseph
Let's get into editing!
Step 1: Making basic cuts
- Cut right before silence and right before speaking and overlap them on top of each other to ensure that the viewer stays engaged
Step 2: Movement to the footage
- Add zoom ins and outs and a lot of tracks
- Zooms are for highlighting important statements and tracking for highlight movement
Step 3: Showing not telling
- When possible, show and deliver the idea to the viewer visually not verbally
Step 4: Sound design
- Edit as if something is moving through really thick air -> add some whooshes
- Add transitions and sound effects
- Try to bring life to the words that are being said
Step 5: Captions
- Get them done at the click of a button with THE SUBS PLUGIN
Start creating viral short-form videos by following Joseph's step by step guide. πŸ’―
First, get a video idea by hopping on a trend, using AI or simply letting your mind wonder.
For the beginning of the video we need a strong hook to catch your audience's interest. That you can extract from your video idea.
When it comes to filming, keep your sentences short and move at a fast pace. Give information quickly and with as much energy as possible!
And finally, editing. Cut off parts that are a waste of the viewer's time. Zoom in and out to highlight important stuff, and use sound effects and transitions to keep the viewer engaged.
Give a final touch to your edit by adding captions with one click using THE SUBS PLUGIN.