Wasting loads of time on creating subtitles? - It's time to get THE SUBS PLUGIN!
In this post, you’re going to learn how much more efficient it is to create captions to your videos with THE SUBS PLUGIN that smoothly integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro, instead of doing it the old manual way.
We will also go through other available options so that you can decide what is the best one for you.
Captions with Premiere - The inevitable task that makes you question your career choices
You might be aware that with Premiere Pro, there is also a ”fast” way for creating your captions. However, it still leaves a lot of work for you to do since highlighting keywords manually one by one takes up a lot of time. So, no matter how good you are, you can’t escape the fact that you will have to put the time into it.
Unless there was another way...
What is THE SUBS PLUGIN again,
and why is it so effective?
THE SUBS PLUGIN is an add-on to the professional video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro.
It's designed for video editors, agencies and content creators who want to maximise their workforce and focus on creation, leaving repetitive time-consuming tasks in the background.
Time is money, with our plugin you'll be able to deliver exceptional work faster than before and open doors for new opportunities. Every minute you use for manually creating your captions takes away from the time you could use for unleashing your creativity and seeing where it could take you.

How does THE SUBS PLUGIN differ from
other available options?
Sure, there are other tools out there, so what is it that makes our plugin stand out?
With THE SUBS PLUGIN you are able to:
  • Use it as a part of Premiere Pro
  • Get captions done at the click of a button
  • Add footage afterwards
  • Delete or make changes to your captions
  • Basically do whatever you have to for a perfect outcome!
With other tools you have to:
  • Use them online, separately from Premiere Pro
  • Upload your videos to the website and afterwards back to your computer
  • Do captions afterwards and not within your workflow
  • Be careful not to make any mistakes since you can't make any changes later

Seamless integration with
Adobe Premiere Pro
THE SUBS PLUGIN is not an online tool like many others made for caption making. The plugin integrates smoothly and seamlessly with Premiere, and you can make use of it at the click of a button and save yourself from uploading videos back and forth.
Now it's the time to decide whether you want to continue using all those hours for manually creating your captions, or if you are ready to take the next step to automate your caption creation and use the remaining time more wisely.
Designed for video editors, agencies and content creators, THE SUBS PLUGIN enables you to deliver excellent work while opening doors for new opportunities in your career.
In comparison to other online tools out there, you can get your captions done at the click of a button, and make as many changes as you wish within your workflow as well as afterwards.
The final good news are that the plugin seamlessly integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro, which removes all the extra effort from your work.
Scale your video creation workflow with engaging captions at the click of a button!