Unlocking New Text Styles!
This post is all about our new update, THE SUBS PLUGIN 1.3.1
You heard me right. Just ten days after the release of the plugin, we’re already spoiling you with a cool update. 😎 Keep reading to find out what’s new!

In edyflow, we’re constantly working on making our products to match the needs of our customers better. We take feedback seriously and strive to provide you with improved versions of our products.
What does the new version 1.3.1 include?
New text styles!
From now on, you’re able to choose from 6 different text styles to create captions that perfectly fit to your content.
Wanna follow the style of Alex Hormozi?
Wanna come out as cool as MrBeast?
With our updated plugin, this (among other things) is possible. 😜
Upgraded customization & user interface
Apart from new text styles, the updated version of the plugin also offers more control over the appearance of your subtitles so that you don’t only get the message across but do so with style.
When it comes to user interface, we’ve improved it, making accessing and applying new styles a seamless part of your workflow. 🚀
Stay on board with latest trends
Two million followers on instagram and almost the same amount on YouTube, three published best sellers, owner of a successful business and having become a millionaire at 23, Alex Hormozi has to know what he’s doing, right?

Who wouldn’t want to follow the footsteps of someone like him. 🤨

With the newest update of THE SUBS PLUGIN, you can create those captions with one click and leave more time for chasing your own dreams.

MrBeast, on the other hand, owns the most subscribed individual YouTube channel in the world. So, another pretty cool guy to take inspiration from, and his style is of course also available with our plugin. 🔥
How to use different text styles on THE SUBS PLUGIN?
In the plugin window, there’s a dropdown menu where you can easily select them – that's it!
For smooth use of the plugin, make sure to install all the available fonts through these links:

We're happy to provide you with an improved version of THE SUBS PLUGIN, including 6 different text styles and more control over the appearance of your captions.
Did you already download the fonts for yourself? 🚀