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How to Master Short-Form Video Editing!
How to research viral video ideas, how to script, write and plan your videos for the best engagement, and what is the secret behind viral videos?
Learn how much more efficient it is to create captions to your videos with THE SUBS PLUGIN that smoothly integrates with Premiere Pro.
Become The FASTEST EDITOR Alive!
If you're spending hours on editing and feel like you're not making progress, this post is for you. We're going to go through Tymon's video providing you with tips that help you to get it done faster, without losing quality!
A Complete Walkthrough of THE SUBS PLUGIN
Going through the walkthrough of THE SUBS PLUGIN, that you can also find as a video in the user manual on our website.
New Premiere Update Brings a Full Emoji Support ✅
With the new version of Premiere you're able to add emojis effortlessly within your workflow and start increasing engagement on your social media.
Time to Update to Version 1.4.0 of THE SUBS PLUGIN!
To listen to our customers and meet their needs, we are constantly updating our products. This update 1.4.0 allows you to fully customize your captions. 💯
Unlocking New Text Styles!
All about our new update, THE SUBS PLUGIN 1.3.1.
THE SUBS PLUGIN: Editing Captions Afterwards
The only goal of THE SUBS PLUGIN was not to automate caption creation, as tools already exist for this purpose. We wanted to make post-editing easy and less of a pain in the ass.
May we introduce the editor’s new best friend - THE SUBS PLUGIN
Designed for video editors, agencies and content creators, it smoothly integrates with Premiere Pro and makes your work enjoyable again. With THE PLUGIN you can free up time for creation and be able to deliver excellent work, every time.
Create your subtitles within your workflow, at the click of a button. Make changes according to your client’s wishes at any stage of the process, without uploading videos back and forth.